A comprehensive product stewardship program is critical for the success of our business. Product stewardship provides the tools to carefully select raw materials; design, produce, and distribute products; and convey important information to our stakeholders.

We recognize that some of the raw materials used in our products and some of our finished products exhibit characteristics that may present hazards to people or the environment if not handled carefully. We manage these potential hazards responsibly and safely in our operations and communicate the known risks to others across our value chain. Through our work to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with our products—from development through manufacturing, use, and disposal—we continue to provide value to our customers and ensure the sustainability of our business. This is the essence of product stewardship.

To manage our product stewardship and regulatory compliance obligations, we have a robust management system built around the principles of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care program. For more information on our commitment to the ACC’s Responsible Care initiative, see the Our Approach to Operations section of this report.

Product Reviews

Our product stewardship program is designed to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. The program is guided by dedicated staff who are knowledgeable about the products, customer applications, and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where our products are manufactured or used. Our product stewardship experts in each region continually monitor regulatory developments to understand and anticipate the potential impact on our operations, our products, and our customers’ use of our products. This early awareness of regulatory developments, and timely communication with other Axalta functions, enhances our ability to continually supply products that will comply with all applicable regulations for their intended use.

Working together with our Procurement, Technology, and EHS functions, the product stewardship program effectively manages risk throughout the product lifecycle. Our product stewardship team participates in technology reviews and other strategy discussions with our business leaders to provide guidance relative to new or developing regulations or other related and important issues that may impact our business strategy.

Communicating with Customers

An important aspect of our product stewardship program is effectively communicating with our customers. Axalta committed to making an investment in our product stewardship program through the implementation of state-of-the-art software to improve the hazard communication aspects of our program.


Implement single global system by year-end 2019 to enhance our management of regulatory obligations to provide product health and safety information to customers.


We successfully rolled out this software program globally in November 2019. The new software ensures that applicable regulations in every jurisdiction and all available data related to the health and safety of our raw materials are considered in the preparation of safety data sheets and product labels. Additionally, process efficiencies gained through the use of this software allow for faster, more accurate communication of important health and safety information with our employees and customers. This system enhances our compliance efforts, reduces risk, and provides a more sustainable method for managing regulatory requirements.

Through continued engagement with our customers, we recognize that many of them are looking for ways to reduce risk through material substitution, ensure responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain, and incorporate renewable materials into their products. Our product stewardship and raw materials experts meet with our customers on a periodic basis to work through challenges and identify best practices. We will continue to explore ways to collaborate with our customers on product stewardship and regulatory matters.

For information on Axalta’s management of conflict minerals and other minerals in our supply chain, please see the Minerals Sourcing section of this report.