Axalta uses a significant amount of raw materials to manufacture our coatings, and we are committed to responsibly managing these materials.

Many of the raw materials we use are derived from the refining processes of crude oil and natural gas, in addition to other extracted mineral resources, as well as renewable agricultural products used in some resins. We convert these raw materials and transform them into colorful and protective coatings used across the globe. Axalta is committed to sourcing these raw materials responsibly; see the Our Approach to Supply Chain and Minerals Sourcing sections of this report for more information on how we work with our suppliers to promote responsible sourcing practices and respect human rights in the supply chain.

At Axalta, lean manufacturing principles, developed over decades of experience, have driven our ability to manage costs and improve product quality. We continue to implement these principles into our manufacturing operations, focusing on increasing our productivity and improving the use of resources. OurĀ product stewardship program helps ensure that we responsibly and safely manage any potential hazards with the materials we use in our operations and communicate the known risks to others across our value chain.

We continue to explore opportunities to introduce more bio-based and renewable raw materials into our products when sufficient supply is available and the materials can be qualified to achieve strict quality and performance standards.

Axalta purchases raw materials in five major categories: solvents, resins, pigments, monomers, and additives. The total materials purchased in 2019 were equivalent to 506,013 metric tons. This is a 10 percent increase from our materials purchased in 2017, resulting primarily from our acquisitions and new production sites as we continue to grow our business.

Raw Materials Use