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Transportation Coatings

Questions about Imron paints?

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Nils Hadert

Axalta Coating Systems
Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Christbusch 25
42285 Wuppertal

+49 202 529 6256 Nils Hadert

Imron Solventborne

Solventborne Imron polyurethane enamels have been the product of choice for HDT and bus manufacturers for many years. Due to the very wide application window and broad suitability for both bell and conventional application, these paints can be adjusted to the individual needs of our customers and be used to paint the entire body build-up. The 2K topcoat systems are ideally suited for easy application on large surfaces, as they ensure perfect flow and overspray melt-in. They are fast to set up and dry and have excellent mechanical, chemical and weather resistance.

Key product systems include:

  • The Imron® 700 range medium solids topcoats
  • The Imron® 9000 range high solids topcoats
  • Etch primers and epoxy primers
  • Non-sanding and sanding fillers