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Transportation Coatings

Colour Retrieval Systems

The skill for any coater lies partly in identifying and matching colours swiftly and reliably. With an ever increasing number of colour shades and effects, colour identification can be a challenge.

To help you find colours quickly, easily and match them accurately, our colour retrieval system ColorQuickTM is designed to help you obtain any colour information you need online, more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Our user-friendly software will search for colours and retrieve the correct formula almost instantaneously even with only limited information, such as part of a colour or manufacturer name. Our software also enables coaters to load and to save personal formula databases, which are included in all search functions.

Key benefits of our colour retrieval system are:

  • Direct, rapid online creation of colour formulas
  • Direct access to technical and safety data sheets
  • Individual colour formulas can be transferred directly to your scale