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Transportation Coatings

Customer Training

Even the best products and tools, and the most vibrant colours, require the hand of the skilled craftsman to make them shine. At Axalta, we are committed to helping our customers bring out the best in our coatings and colour matching tools by teaching them how to make the most of the tools. Throughout Europe, Axalta runs training centres to teach experts new techniques and introduce them to our latest products. We benefit as well. We see first-hand how our products perform in the hands of our professional customers. That helps us find innovative ways to improve the quality of our products and allows us to hear about the need for new solutions.

New product systems, different finishing techniques – at the Axalta Coating Systems Training Centres, you will receive excellent training and exchange experience in best practice.  Proven equipment – seminar rooms fitted with multimedia support and modern training methods - ensure that newly acquired knowledge is immediately put into practice.
Our courses are clearly structured and allow you to talk with colleagues and technicians. Courses range from industry finishing fundamentals and latest application techniques to modern management.

Axalta is proud to be one of the leading providers of coating systems in the world. We are passionately committed to reliability and safety, and have a great tradition of providing the best customer support and training network in the coating industry. Our experts are paint enthusiasts. They love sharing the theory behind our coatings and giving practical training to improve application skills. Find out what we do, by contacting us today.