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Transportation Coatings

Media Enquiries

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Kim Verhoeven

Axalta Coating Systems B.V.B.A.
Antoon Spinoystraat 6B
2800 Mechelen

+32 15 47 8621 xvz.ireubrira@nknygnpf.pbz

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We are always busy – developing new products, presenting innovative ideas, promoting technical advances through media activities and at trade fairs. To find out more, follow one of the links below or go to for Axalta news.


Axalta expands commercial vehicle portfolio in Europe with launch of PercoTop CS388 SupraSand high-build epoxy primer

Axalta today launched the PercoTop CS388 SupraSand high-build epoxy primer for customers in Europe. This primer can be applied directly to metal surfaces and eliminates the need for filler, surfacer or e-coat.

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Axalta expands commercial vehicle portfolio with launch of Imron® 2K high durability clearcoat in Europe

Axalta today announced the launch of its Imron 2K high durability clearcoat for commercial vehicle customers in Europe. This innovative technology combines nanoparticles with a flexible resin network to create a clearcoat with anti-abrasive properties that delivers superior surface protection even after months of exposure to severe climate conditions.

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Axalta’s 2020 Global Automotive Color of the Year Sea Glass Makes a Splash with Electrifying Chroma

Axalta makes a splash today with its 2020 Global Automotive Color of the Year Sea Glass.This modern turquoise blue shimmers and sets the trend as a fresh new colour for all vehicle types. Inspired by nature’s waterways and oceans, Axalta’s Sea Glass has depth and intense colour as it glitters in sunlight, making it a colour that consumers want and one that will be noticed by motorists around the world.

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Axalta Releases 67th Annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report

Axalta today released its 67th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, which reveals the top three automotive colours as: white (38%), black (19%), and grey (13%). White has been the top automotive colour worldwide since 2011.

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Axalta Showcases Customization with Golden-Bronze "Sahara" as 2019 Automotive Color of the Year

For the first time in its five-year history, Axalta's Automotive Color of the Year is showcasing a color primed for vehicle customization both at manufacturing facilities and in the aftermarket. Sahara, a golden bronze tone, radiates warmth, richness and strength for vehicles of all sizes – especially the expanding global truck and SUV markets – and can serve as the principal color for two-tone possibilities including black roofs.

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