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Transportation Coatings

Application Centres

Our customers, from sectors as far apart as industry to automotive, use a huge variety of highly technical paint application processes working with sensitive state of the art equipment and advanced techniques. Our job is to make sure that our paint is compatible with this multitude of application processes and that coaters know how to apply it in the easiest and most efficient way. For that reason, Axalta Coating Systems has two dedicated paint application centres in Europe. These centres train customers in automated paint application, new paint technologies and application processes, and offer additional customer services including defect analyses, customizing of paint systems for our clients and consultancy support. We also carry out on-going research and development work at our centres to ensure our paint is always at the cutting edge of the latest advances in paint technology.

application center

Application Centre Wuppertal, Germany

Our Process Engineering Centre in Wuppertal, Germany, focuses on

  • Process developments including the design of new paint shops, technology and cost studies
  • Training in line, SemiTech and LAR applications, spot repairs and polishing
  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Defect analysis covering trouble-shooting, surface, paint and equipment defects
  • Customer services such as paint shop audits, dirt analysis and first run improvements
  • Collaboration with application equipment manufacturers to simulate customer processes, run car body trials and conduct paint supply studies
application center2

Application Centre Mechelen, Belgium

Our paint and colour development application centre in Mechelen, Belgium, focuses on:

  • Testing automatic SemiTech spray device applications
  • Fingerprint analyses
  • Research and development
  • Colour development
  • Quality control
  • Adjusting and setting up process parameters by simulating the line process of customers