Business Areas

Mobility: Light Vehicle OEMs

Axalta delivers a full line of coating systems for original equipment manufacturers of conventional and electric cars and light trucks. In this highly competitive segment of the coatings industry, we meet customer specifications and drive our performance beyond what is merely expected. With more than 90 years of experience understanding and developing colors for cars, our coatings shine on every vehicle we paint. 

Mobility: Commercial Vehicles

Our coatings -- designed to serve the needs of vehicle customizers by meeting demanding specifications -- are found on a wide range of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. On the rails, our coatings deliver superior performance on locomotives, light rail, high-performance cars, passenger carriages, high-speed trains, tramways and mass transit cars.

Performance Coatings: Industrial Applications

We are a leading supplier of coatings for industrial applications, including energy solutions, liquid, powder, wood and coil. We coat a range of surfaces that impact your everyday life, such as sports equipment, architectural structures and furniture, plus construction, agriculture and earth-moving equipment.

Performance Coatings: Refinish and Aftermarket

Axalta’s refinish systems are designed to enable refinish shops to make vehicles look like new. With an array of paint colors and tints, color-matching technologies and customer support, our products and services are available around the world to help refinish technicians achieve perfect results.