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Transportation Coatings

Questions about Imron paints?

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Nils Hadert

Axalta Coating Systems
Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Christbusch 25
42285 Wuppertal

+49 202 529 6256 Nils Hadert


Polyurethane paint

For decades, Imron polyurethane enamel has been the finish of choice for leading heavy-duty truck, bus and rail manufacturers. Imron paint boasts the highest durability levels, outstanding graffiti performance on topcoats and clears, reliable corrosion protection and excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, as well as shock and impact. It is no wonder then that Imron paint is widely approved by OEMs, other commercial users and almost all European railway institutes.

To make application easy, we’ve built in the broadest possible application window, short drying times to quickly free-up paint booths, and pushed back sagging and popping limits. Imron paints can be applied with all customary application processes, robotic as well as manual application. All that translates into a very consistent, easy-to-use and productive paint system.

Thanks to an advanced tints and binder system, Imron topcoats can be produced quickly and effectively in a wide variety of colours. While perfectly coordinated components minimise mistakes, the modular system also means less capital is tied up in inventory. Larger paint quantities are available in ready-mixed colour batches tailored to individual customer specifications. All Imron products are available in a solvent- or waterborne product range and maintain their superior appearance even after years of exposure to environmental, chemical and mechanical stresses.