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Transportation Coatings

Questions about our commercial transportation product offering?

Please contact:

Kim Verhoeven

Axalta Coating Systems B.V.B.A.
Geerdegem-Schonenberg 248
2800 Mechelen


+32 15 47 8621 Kim Verhoeven

Commercial Transportation

At Axalta, we’re not happy until our customers are happy. As a leading paint supplier to the commercial transportation industry, our Imron®, PercoTop® and clear-over-base systems not only look good, but also are formulated to be robust and durable.

Axalta liquid coating products are designed to meet demanding specifications for a wide variety of commercial and transportation vehicles. With our complete systems of electrocoats, primers, sealers, basecoats and clear coats, our customers can rely on us for mixing and application with colour consistency and the ability to create dazzling effects.

We have built up our expertise over many decades in the business and use that to deliver excellence in coatings and paint processes.

On the road, our paint systems give heavy-duty trucks, buses, vehicle bodies, trailers and specialised OEMs long-lasting shine, colour and protection. On the rails, our coatings deliver superior performance on locomotives and light rail cars. Used for the new-build of vehicles, our paints offer great quality and efficiency.

But our paints don’t come as stand-alone systems. They are backed up by a whole team of people who not only carry out on-going research into developing new productive, innovative and sustainable paint systems, but also form a network of support and service specialists who have a wealth of experience to help customers solve any problems.

Come to us for:

  • high-end, ready-for-use paint systems that create lasting value and enhance your brand image
  • paint and process support programmes
  • products based on environmentally-responsible formulations
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • productivity
  • high quality
  • fast and reliable colour supply
  • wide colour offering and matching capability
  • great customer service support

We supply:

  • Bus manufacturers
  • Heavy duty truck industry
  • Rail industry
  • Specialised OEMs
  • Trailer and body manufacturers