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Transportation Coatings

Questions about our commercial transportation product offering?

Please contact:

Kim Verhoeven

Axalta Coating Systems B.V.B.A.
Geerdegem-Schonenberg 248
2800 Mechelen


+32 15 47 8621 Kim Verhoeven

Trailers and Bodies

At Axalta, we understand how important brand and image are to our customers, so we’ve made certain PercoTop® not only looks good but also delivers the colour, performance and reliability they require.

Most major manufacturers of commercial vehicles, trailers and truck components have trusted and worked with us for decades. They know PercoTop® is unique and easy to use. The quality is robust and colour matching is accurate, quick and efficient.

Whether it’s a refrigerated box superstructure, a standard trailer, the chassis of an HGV or anything on or behind the cab, PercoTop® delivers. It gives coaters increased productivity through optimum application processes, as well as brilliance of appearance and the critical performance characteristics necessary to protect vehicle surfaces from weathering, graffiti and corrosion - all backed by the customary Axalta support services.