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Transportation Coatings

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Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 – next generation waterbased paint

Redefining productivity, quality and environmental responsibility for coatings in the transportation sector

Cologne, April 2014: Coatings in the transportation sector must meet the most demanding requirements. On the one hand, it is a question of increasing productivity and improving quality; on the other, appearance and environmental responsibility are playing a more important role. The new waterbased paints in the Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 series are Axalta Coating Systems’ answer to these increased requirements.

Fewer paint applications for more productivity

Modern basecoats often contain pearls, aluminium flakes or other additives to produce special optical effects in the coating. These, however, are not yet achievable with only one application. The new Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 puts an end to all that, since it gives excellent coverage with only 1.5 coats. Productivity is also increased by the fact that paint can be applied without flash times. What’s more, the paint dries quickly and is characterised by good colour matching.

Future-proof coating solution

A further advantage of the new waterbased paint generation is its sustainability. Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 meets not only current European environmental regulations, but will also comply with planned legislation.

Flexible deployment

When it comes to application, the new paint leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The Imron HydroBaseCoat 8100 was specially developed for bell application, customary in the manufacture of heavy-duty vehicles. Imron HydroBaseCoat 8200 is available in a version for hand application, a frequently-used technique in the bus and rail segments. The layer of basecoat can be combined both with waterbased and solventbased clearcoats.

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