We Live Color

In addition to providing color, our coatings also enhance performance, efficiency, reliability, and durability. We continue to build on our more than 150-year history by advancing solutions guided by the latest trends.

Automotive Color of the Year

Starry Night is a dynamic black shade that evokes the depths of our universe and space exploration

Axalta continuously monitors automotive trends to forecast how color tastes are changing in the automotive market. Our color expertise helps automakers who use our coatings to beautify and protect their vehicles recognize which hues will appeal most to their customers. Each year, Axalta identifies a global Automotive Color of the Year. Daily inspirations, coupled with extensive research, assist Axalta color designers and product experts in selecting the Automotive Color of the Year.

Wood Vibes

Axalta Wood Vibes is a series of collections that focus on home interior color trends and wood finishing trends. Our aspiration is to enliven every room - inspiring our clients through color and delivering the latest trends to the market.

Wood Vibes: Lifestyles, is the latest collection from Axalta Building Products spotlighting the prevailing trends in industrial wood coatings for furniture and home products.

This latest edition showcases four distinctive lifestyles: 

• Organic Luxe 

• Rich Contemporary 

• Cool Modern 

• Fresh Air

The collection brings to the forefront trends that prioritize comfort and tranquil simplicity. Its color palette elicits a sense of nostalgia and a desire to safeguard and cherish. These lifestyles are an embodiment of the growing demand for versatile products and spaces, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

From warmed neutrals to smokey paints, soft color tints to contrasting black and white, deep cool browns to spice paint tones, and water-inspired tones, this collection continues the shift towards a more casual lifestyle and a means to express individuality.

The Wood Vibes: Lifestyles collection is featured at Axalta’s Global Design Studio in High Point, NC. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss these latest colors and trends and how they can benefit your business. 

Vibes Color Journal

Axalta's color journal, Vibes, offers architects and designers an annual trend guide, exploring color and texture in the built environment. Featuring interviews with creatives from across the world, the journal highlights projects where Axalta's powder coatings have been used in new and innovative ways, alongside the latest thinking on color trends. The recently published 2023-24 edition offers a glimpse into how design professionals are approaching color selection, collaboration, sustainability and durability to create the buildings, furniture and products of today.

Automotive Color Popularity

As part of our commitment to color, Axalta is proud to publish its annual Global Color Popularity report, the largest and longest running report of its kind in the automotive industry. It is the only report that includes global automotive color popularity rankings and regional trends from 11 leading automotive regions of the world. Each year a full report reveals the top 10 most popular color spaces. The report also shows color popularity by vehicle segments including compacts and sport vehicles, trucks and SUVs, intermediate and multi-purpose vehicles as well as luxury sedans and luxury SUVs.

Color Popularity Reports 
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Mobility Color Trends

The 2022 Mobility Color Trend Report reveals unique color combinations driven by the changing landscape to autonomous and electric vehicles with regional preferences in mind. The report was compiled by reviewing the relationship of color trends, color technology and Axalta’s Global Automotive Color Popularity data to develop four dynamic color palettes best suited for the global automotive market of tomorrow.

Axalta Color Shows

Axalta color shows hosted around the world present OEMs with color palettes designed to showcase the latest color and technology trends. On display are painted, contoured panels that represent colors for all vehicle types. Exquisite and sophisticated colors are designed for luxury and specialty brands while trending colors with global acceptance target mass appeal brands. Axalta’s global team of specialists design color choices that anticipate and inspire color preferences for automobile manufacturers for years into the future.