Manufacturing in Australia

All military products are manufactured at our APAS 0502 Certified Manufacturing Unit in North West Sydney. This site has been audited by the CSIRO and also carries ISO14001, ISO 9001 and RC14001 certification.

Military Coatings

Axalta is a world-leading global supplier of specialised coatings. Through our scientific expertise, network of research and development centres and highest quality raw materials, we develop long lasting and effective customised product solutions for any project. 

With a united global team, Axalta can provide end-to-end coating project management solutions world-wide. From developing customised product solutions and special applications techniques, to extensive on-site training and technical support, we support our military coatings customers anywhere in the world.

Near Infrared Reflective (NIRR) Coatings

Conventional camouflage coatings are used to blend in military equipment with the natural surroundings, in the visible light spectrum.

With the increasing use of infrared detection devices in military operations, military  equipment has become vulnerable to detection, particularly during combat operations conducted at night.

The ability to manage both the visible and infrared signature has become critical to maximising soldier survivability and combat strengths.

The CIA range of NIRR Military Coatings from Axalta Coating Systems has been developed in consultation with the Australian Department of Defence, to reduce detection to surveillance and seeker systems, without impairing the visual  camouflage characteristics.

Military Products by Axalta

Axalta manufactures an entire system of paint products suitable for military application.

All products have been specifically formulated to provide the most durable, reliable and maintainable finish for military combat assets.

All five CIA Military Coatings colours have been professionally matched to the MIL-STD 595B colour standard, and are available in both NIRR and Non-NIRR formulations.