Patented Fast Cure Low Energy Technology

Axalta's Fast Cure Low Energy Technology (FCLE) cuts process times in half, increases throughput and eliminates energy use during drying ... all with no compromise on quality.

Using revolutionary in-house chemistry, the patented technology from Axalta can cut energy use to zero during drying, or reduce application process times by up to 50%. It gives the highest quality finish faster and at a lower repair cost.

We’re redefining what’s possible in refinishing.

This technology is used in products of Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox:

As the cost of energy continues to rise and the climate continues to heat up, it’s never been more important for bodyshops to work in the most energy efficient way – to save money and to protect the environment.

Axalta’s innovative low energy paint system reduces energy costs in the spray booth by up to 75%. Tried and tested over many years, it is a sure-fire way for bodyshops to make an instant impact on their energy consumption – and their profitability. As it requires no additional equipment or infrastructure, they can begin to benefit from the system immediately with no capital outlay.

As well as dramatically cutting costs, the Axalta low energy paint system also helps to reduce bodyshops’ carbon footprint and contributes to their green credentials.

Our innovative low energy technology is offered by Axalta’s three premium global refinish brands. Click on the links to find out more: