Coatings for Industrial Applications

Nason Industrial

The Nason® Industrial coating system is a compact and complete coatings package specifically formulated to meet the needs of the general liquid industrial market. 

It is engineered to offer both versatility and value. This is achieved using the latest resin technology that allows concentrated colour tints to be combined with a range of different binders, to deliver the most suitable topcoat for your metal coatings requirements. Topcoats like Direct-to-Metal (DTM) and ISO-Free are available as part of the package. Proven technologies designed for tough environments and diffcult surface conditions, like polyurethanes, acrylic and alkyd enamels, are so key components of the topcoat product offering.

A fully integrated offering of primers, activiators and thinners is available to complement the appropriate topcoats. Alkyd, etch, polyurethane and epoxy primers, as well as high-build tintable primers are the foundations of the system.

Nason Industrial products can be applied by brush, roller and a variety of spray application methods. They are available in several factory-packaged colours and can be mixed to AS2700, RAL and other customer colours.

Whether you are coating tractors, forklifts, machinery, trailers or steel strucutres, the versatility of the Nason Industrial product range will successfully meet your industrial coating needs. The performance, easer of use and job cost will ensure that Nason Industrial delivers the value you need, to become your first choice in industrial coatings.



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