Business Areas

Axalta performance and transportation coatings provide liquid and powder coating systems to a wide range of markets that include light and commercial vehicles, collision body shops in the refinish aftermarket, and many industrial applications.   

Transportation Coatings for Light Vehicle OEMs

Axalta delivers a full line of coating systems for original equipment manufacturers of cars and light trucks. In this highly competitive segment of the coatings industry, we meet customer specifications and drive our performance beyond what is merely expected. From our electrodeposition technology to a range of Harmonized Coating Technologies™ customers can choose from our colour coating and application systems that are designed to excel across a wide spectrum of metrics. With more than 90 years of experience understanding and developing colours for cars, our coatings shine on every vehicle we paint. Learn More

Transportation Coatings for Commercial Vehicles

Our transportation coatings are found on a wide range of medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses and serve the needs of vehicle customisers. Axalta products are designed to meet demanding specifications for original manufacture and aftermarket applications. On the rails, our coatings deliver superior performance on locomotives, light rail, high performance cars, passenger carriages, high-speed trains, tramways and mass transit cars. Learn More

Performance Coatings for Refinish and Aftermarket


Axalta’s refinish systems are designed to enable refinish shops to make vehicles look like new. With an array of paint colours and tints, colour matching technologies and customer support, Axalta products and services are available around the world to help refinish technicians achieve results that meet approval from their customer each and every time. 

Our refinish products – primers and undercoats, basecoats, and clearcoats - are formulated to meet the needs of bodyshops operating in different climates and coating different substrates such as metal, plastic, and the newest composite materials. 

Latest generation waterborne coatings are formulated to meet the stringent environmental standards while providing better hiding with fewer coats than conventional products. Handheld spectrophotometers, colour development software and manual fan decks facilitate quick colour match and enhance productivity.  Learn More

Performance Coatings for Industrial Applications


Axalta liquid and powder coatings serve many different industries which need decorative colour finishes, corrosion and heat resistance, and durability. Electrical insulation coatings for components of motors, generators and transformers also help create greater efficiencies. 

Both liquid and powder coatings are used on vehicle components such as seat frames, shock absorbers, springs and high temperature surfaces including exhaust lines. Job coaters and industrial OEMs rely on more than a dozen Axalta products for use on a spectrum of materials from furniture, coils, drums, skis and other sporting and exercise equipment to fencing, shelving, white goods, and additional appliances as well as on agricultural and construction equipment.

Functional powder coatings are used on sub-sea oil and gas pipelines, rebar and valves. In the architectural arena, Axalta coatings meet the demands of exterior building cladding and window trim preventing corrosion and provide colours that contribute to the architectural intent. Liquid coatings serve residential customers in Mexico. Learn More