Sagola Launches Limited Edition 4600 Trophy Truck Spray Gun

Inspired by off-road vehicles, Sagola has combined the fast, agile and efficient nature of these sturdy vehicles with cutting edge spray gun technology in the release of the Limited Edition 4600 Trophy Truck. A gun with exceptional application speed and unmatched product transfer levels providing highest ease of use.

Axalta Coating Systems, the Australian importer for Sagola, is thrilled to announce that the Limited Edition 4600 Trophy Truck spray gun is now available in Australia! Based on the popular 4600 Xtreme, it features carefully designed ergonomics allowing refinishers to tackle modern refinishing challenges head-on, while enjoying a rugged new bronze design.

Thanks to its new Titania Pro aircap, designed specifically for the latest generation clearcoats, it offers levels of atomisation and fan size never seen before. The limited edition Trophy Truck comes in 3 different needle options: 1.2DVR, 1.2 XL DVR or 1.3 DVR – all options include the new Titania Pro aircap.

“Not only does this spray gun look great, but the addition of the Titania Pro aircap is very exciting. It has been designed for use with the latest technology fast dry clearcoats; providing more product flow with reduced overspray and it has a bigger fan pattern.” says Paul Polverino, Training Manager, Axalta Coating Systems Australia.

One of the key benefits of Sagola guns is the value factor, not only are the guns priced extremely competitively, but spare parts provide good value too. Often with competitor products, if a needle, nozzle or an air cap gets damaged, you will need to replace all three items. With the latest Sagola gun models, you can either purchase a replacement needle and nozzle as a set, or purchase the individual air cap. The cost savings are significant!

Sagola’s spray gun range is still unique in the market. “As usual, the Limited Edition 4600 Trophy Truck has no gaskets or O-rings due to the extreme quality and engineering tolerances used during production,” says Polverino. “Partnered with a 3-year warranty and competitive pricing, the 4600 Trophy Truck spray gun offers value all round.”

Secure your 4600 Trophy Truck from your nearest Axalta Distributor by visiting or call Axalta on 1800 292 582.