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Sustainability, life cycle, cost and materials efficiency: these are the issues our industry must consider today to prepare for the future. 

An everyday challenge faced by our powder coating market is finding a good solution for the corrosion of metal substrates. Corrosion is the electrochemical interaction between a metal and its environment, leading to alteration or degradation of aesthetic quality, functionality and integrity. To protect metal substrates against corrosion, an adequate system must be selected and applied effectively, bearing in mind the environments the system will face during its lifetime.

Thanks to its expertise and its complete powder portfolio of thermoplastics and thermosetting technologies, Axalta Coating Systems is able to overcome most corrosion challenges in all climates.

Below, we will guide you through multiple 1 or 2 layer systems, our product range and technical recommendations to consider when starting your project. You have a unique product selector tool at your disposal to find the products we recommend for your project, based on specific criteria.
Across different environments, corrosion protection involves a combination of the substrate, surface preparation, coating system selection and application. 

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Start with the basics

Before you choose your primer and topcoat, there are three important steps to consider, to find the correct anticorrosion product for your project.


Every metallic substrate has its own specifications. There is a coating solution for each substrate to ensure optimal protection.

Environment & durability

An important step to finding the best anticorrosion system is defining the environment and durability. This will determine the ideal primer to use.

Surface treatment

The results obtained through your coating depend on the surface treatment you apply. 

Anticorrosion product ranges

Axalta Powder Coatings offers a wide range of coating systems based on thermoplastics and thermosetting technologies. Discover the specifications of each product range here.

Abcite® X60

Abcite® X60 is a single-layer, primer-free, high-strength, adhesive thermoplastic powder coatings range which provides best-in-class and highly durable corrosion protection to steel and other metals in the most severe conditions.

Abcite® 2060

By using Abcite® 2060, you will be able to protect large metal structures on site, in most weather conditions and easily repair unplanned damage without dismantling the structure, thanks to the flame spray coating technology.

Plascoat® PPA 571 range

The ideal coating for outdoor items exposed to demanding urban or coastal environments. Plascoat® PPA 571 will provide long-term protection for metal in demanding environments.

Plascoat® PPA 742

Plascoat® PPA 742 is a single layer thermoplastic that can be used as primer and is specifically designed to be overcoated with Alesta® topcoat.

Alesta® ZeroZinc primers

Alesta® ZeroZinc anticorrosion primers provide a thermosetting coating that isolates the substrate from its environment, minimising the corrosion process.

Alesta® ZeroZinc Uniprime

Alesta® ZeroZinc Uniprime is THE multi-function primer. It meets the most stringent anti-corrosion requirements, regardless of the shape and type of the part, and covers the areas that are most difficult to reach.

AquaEC™ Electrocoats

The ecoat technology offers an energy saving potential and has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance in combination with very good mechanical properties and adhesion on various substrates.

Performance videos

Images are worth more than a thousand words.

When choosing a system to safeguard your components and structures against corrosion hazards optimally, you want to see the products in action. And that’s why our website features a library of technical videos.

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Define your substrate

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Technical Recommendations

Once you have chosen your substrate, the powder system and surface treatment, there are still some questions to consider. We provide you with guidelines, from the design of your metallic part or the application of the powder system to the different cost contributors.

From the very first stages of your project, the general design of the structure is key. This will not only facilitate surface preparation, application and inspection but also maintenance.

When applying powder coatings, there are important guidelines to follow for optimal application of your powder, thermosetting or thermoplastic.

Substrate, coating, energy, labour, maintenance costs: these are the main costs to consider when evaluating your project. Nevertheless, not all are equivalent depending on which anticorrosion system you select.