Alesta® ZeroZinc


Corrosion of steel leads to high repair and maintenance costs. Surface pre-treatment and use of the most appropriate anti-corrosion system will extend the life of the painted structure. After more than 10 years of research and development, the Alesta® ZeroZinc range of products is expanding to provide the best solution for every substrate. There is a ZeroZinc primer for each substrate to be coated: steel, parts with sharp edges, degassing substrates (galvanised steel and metallisation)

Alesta® ZeroZinc Steel Prime
especially suitable for heavy ferrous metal parts.

Alesta® ZeroZinc Edge Prime
for parts with sharp edges, thanks to its specific viscosity profile. Dedicated colours are available for general industry and the automotive market.

Alesta® ZeroZinc Antigassing Prime
for substrates prone to outgassing such as galvanised steel and metallised steel.

Alesta® ZeroZinc Antigassing Reactive
specially designed for thick parts and substrates prone to outgassing such as galvanised steel and metallised steel.

Alesta® ZeroZinc Uniprime
The universal primer - entirely safe



  • Have excellent adhesion properties with the substrate and the
  • Are formulated and tested according to the corrosion and durability classes defined in the ISO 12944-6 standard.
  • ZeroZinc primers are Qualisteelcoat approved.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties and resistance to chemicals and humidity
  • Corrosion protection up to C5-I according to ISO 12944-6 standard
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally friendly anti-corrosion protection: zinc-free, no sanitary labelling, easy to transport, no VOCs, improved durability of the coated element
  • These primers have a low density
  • Easy to use (application recycling)
  • Improved productivity per m² (optimised powder consumption)
  • Reduced wear of coating equipment (Venturi and electrode)
  • Excellent intercoat adhesion with Alesta® topcoats (without sanding)
  • Excellent adhesion to ferrous metals
  • Primed parts can be stored while they are waiting to be overcoated with the topcoat.