New! Alesta® AP Qualisteel

With Alesta® AP Qualisteel, Axalta offers a range of highly efficient powder coatings with excellent degassing properties for porous steel substrates. These product intrinsic properties allow to coat the steel structure while it is still degassing. 

By using Alesta® AP Qualisteel, you increase not only the durability and protection of most steel structures, you also coat it in a wide range of colours. 

The Timeless Collection

Grey is timeless and elegant, always prevalent. When it comes to grey in architecture we can define these hues as time and trend survivalists. The Timeless Collection is the best mix of the most popular metallic effect greys and developed in Alesta® SuperDurable SD quality. The products are all formulated according to the highest Axalta bonding standards.

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vibes 1.2020 | New Edition !!!
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vibes 1.2020 | NEW edition !!!

At Axalta Coating Systems, the desire of our colour experts is to
inspire architects and designers at all times and using all possible
means. We understand design is highly influenced by prevailing trends
and to provide a trend guide to the creators or modern design we brought to life “Vibes”

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