Abcite® 2060

Anticorrosion single-layer solution for Flame Spray coating technology

The Flame Spray Technology is the only system which can apply powders on site and with no need for a coating line. It involves depositing semi-molten polymer particles onto a heated surface, a process whereby heat causes the particles to flow and fuse into a complete cohesive polymer coating.

Abcite® 2060 has been specially designed for this coating technology, combining the exceptional anticorrosion and mechanical performance of Abcite  with the simplicity of use & mobility of the Flame Spray Coating technology.

By using Abcite® 2060, you will be able to protect large metal structures on site, in most weather conditions and easily repair unplanned damage without dismantling the structure.

Key features and benefits

  • Application in situ with no need for a coating line
  • Specially designed for large structures
  • Outstanding corrosion protection and best in class for salt
  • Excellent resistance to alkaline and acid chemical attacks
  • Impermeable barrier, even in case of permanent
  • immersion or condensation
  • Performance unchanged by UV exposure and weathering
  • Service temperature from -60 C to 75 C
  • Tough and flexible for high impact and abrasion resistance
  • No primer, self-adhering monofilm
  • Excellent edge and corner coverage BPA, VOC and halogen free

How long will Abcite® 2060 last?

Abcite® 2060 has been tested per external laboratory which confirmed that a single Abcite layer, applied directly on galvanized or grit-blasted steel, satisfies the most severe requirements of ISO 12944-9 and achieves corrosion protection in coastal areas with high salinity & industrial areas with extreme humidity and aggressive atmosphere. According to ISO 12944-9 this means in corrosive environments CX (offshore) and Im3 (buried in soil).

What applications can Abcite® 2060 be used in?

Typical applications for Abcite® 2060 are:

  • Corrosion protection in highly corrosive marine, agricultural and industrial environments
  • Pipes, bridges, metal structures, water-proofing, offshore installations

How is Abcite® 2060 applied?

Abcite® 2060 has been especially designed for the Flame Spray Technology.

Flame Spray Technology consists in the deposition of semi-molten polymer particles onto heated surface whereby process heat causes the particles to flow and fuse into a complete cohesive polymer coating.

Flame spray coating requests professional flame spray guns and controlled application parameters. Contact us for more information.

Which colours are available?

Our standard colours are:

  • DW Blue RAL 5017
  • Silver Grey +/- RAL 7001
  • Jet Black RAL 9005
  • Light Blue +/- RAL 5012
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • White RAL 9016

Colours reflect coated finish, and matched to nearest RAL value where appropriate. Samples are available as coated plates or powder.

Abcite® 2060 approvals

1-layer system certified CX for extreme corrosive environments in accordance with the ISO 12944-6/-9 standard for galvanized and grit-blasted steel