Axalta has, for over 60 years, pioneered the science behind thermoplastic polyolefin coatings as well as the engineering knowledge on application and manufacturing. You can be sure our products are of the highest standards in the industry, with multiple international and national certifications, approvals and affiliations. Even with excellent coatings, know-how is still needed to create final client products. Our experienced technical staff are on hand to help you with your queries on work-flow, processing, coating properties, colour matching, application techniques, settings and recycling, and much more. At Axalta we will bring you the best products along with the best technical service.

Coating Methods

Our products can be applied by different methods

Axalta thermoplastic powders are easy to use and can be applied using the powder coating  equipment you already have.

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Contract Size Reduction

Plascoat® can grind, compound, sieve, store and distribute on a contract basis

The uniqueness of Plascoat® extends to its ability to make powders on a contract basis for polymer and powder suppliers. It is a service that embraces:

  • Grinding ambient and cryogenic (-196° C)
  • Compounding
    - ambient 200 microns to 1500 microns
    - freeze 50 microns to 1500 microns
  • Blending
  • Sieving
  • Storage
  • Distribution