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A solution for every anticorrosion project

To protect metal substrates against corrosion, an adequate system must be selected and applied effectively, bearing in mind the environments the system will face during its lifetime.

Thanks to its expertise and its complete powder portfolio of thermoplastics and thermosetting technologies, Axalta Coating Systems is able to overcome most corrosion challenges in all climates.

Technology, products, and markets are evolving at breakneck speed. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a range of digital tools and resources to keep you informed of the latest developments in anticorrosion coating technologies and products. That way, you have rapid access to anti-corrosion-related information that’s always accurate and up to date.

New! Abcite® 2060

The Flame Spray Technology is the only system which can apply powders on site and with no need for a coating line. It involves depositing semi-molten polymer particles onto a heated surface, a process whereby heat causes the particles to flow and fuse into a complete cohesive polymer coating.

Abcite® 2060 has been specially designed for this coating technology, combining the exceptional anticorrosion and mechanical performance of Abcite® with the simplicity of use & mobility of the Flame Spray Coating technology.

New! Plascoat® PPA 742 primer

Plascoat® PPA 742 is a single layer thermoplastic that can be used as primer and is specifically designed to be overcoated with Alesta® topcoat.

Even for parts with strong differential of thermal mass or with sharp edges Plascoat® PPA 742 will bring optimal protection. Plascoat® PPA 742 will provide the anticorrosion performance of a thermoplastic and the aesthestic of our Alesta® range.

New! Plascoat® PPA 571 Flame Retardant

Coatings that are resistant to fires and inhibit its spread are critical in the multiples environments we use on a daily basis, such as our homes, workplaces or vehicles. The absence of a halogen constituent (chlorine, bromine) in the construction’s material can also prevent further burdening our environment.

Although most flame retardants are based on halogen chemicals, thanks to its innovation and expertise in coatings, Axalta has developed an additional feature in its Plascoat® PPA571 FR (Flame-Retardant) range, thus maintaining the benefits associated with not using halogen.