The green alternative for the fence industry

Axalta manufactures a range of cost-effective polyethylene powders which are very popular for coating domestic and industrial wire items.

WireGuard G50

Ideal to coat weld mesh fence panels

Wireguard G50 is amongst the most cost-effective alternative for companies wanting to move away from PVC coatings. Switching from PVC to Wireguard G50 can reduce your total material costs due the fact Wireguard G50 is a lower density powder and does not require a primer

Key features and benefits

  • Improved scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Cost savings in processing temperatures
  • Will not crack, chip, flake or fracture
  • Easy to apply, pinhole free coating
  • Excellent salt spray and UV resistance
  • Superior low temperature properties
  • No primer requirement means lower costs and fewer production steps required
  • No need for extra ventilation, WireGuard G50 emits no hazardous fumes during application

What applications can WireGuard G50 be used in?

Wireguard G50 has been specifically developed for wire products which will be exposed to sunlight, humidity and airborne pollutants for prolonged periods of time. Examples of products coated with Wireguard G50 include fixed mesh fence panels, continuous fence mesh, external air conditioning fan guard grills and electrical garden equipment.

How is WireGuard G50 applied?

Wireguard G50 can be applied by

  • Standard fluidised bed (dip), this requires the grade Wireguard G50 SA
  • Continuous in line fluidised bed coating processes, this requires the grade Wiregard G50 CM