Wirework Items & Medical Furniture

Durable and flexible thermoplastic coatings for domestic and outdoor wirework items

Axalta has developed a range of polyethylene and polypropylene powder coatings designed to satisfy the needs of the wirework industry. Axalta thermoplastic powder coatings offer coatings that range from wire encapsulation to full adhesion, providing long lasting performance in internal and external environments.

Market requirements

  • Food contact compliant
  • Good resistance to temperature fluctuation
  • Good UV stability, no yellowing of white products
  • Flexible coating, with no risk of cracking, chipping or flaking
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low processing costs
  • Accurate, reproducible and effective coating process
  • Good metal coverage, including for sharp edges and welds
  • Smooth finish
  • Good surface hardness

Specific offering for medical furniture

The medical furniture market has its own requirements on the protective coatings:

  • High resistance to regular cleanings with chemicals
  • Good grip characteristics, even with wet hand
  • Resistance to impact damages
  • Color stability
  • Warm-to-the-touch feeling
  • Antimicrobial properties

Axalta supplies the medical furniture industry with hard wearing, thermoplastic coatings for many years. Our coatings will be used to coat wheelchair frames, hospital equipment and hospital shower room grip handles.