Water Pipes & Fittings

Widely approved thermoplastic coating for potable water pipes

Axalta is a global supplier of thermoplastic coating powders approved for contact with potable and waste water. Those thermoplastic Coatings are harmless, free of all bisphenols, VOCs or halogens, do not contain any PVC nor plasticizers and therefore provide an excellent maintenance-free coating and extended service life for water infrastructures. Typical applications are pipes, fittings, filters, flanges, valves and tanks in contact with water and waste liquids.

Market requirements

  • Controlled, tested and certified products
  • Preserved water quality
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Durable adhesion to steel
  • Excellent chemical resistance (waste water of water disinfection agents)
  • Abrasion resistance by waste water slurries
  • Outstanding impact resistance preventing handling damage
  • Easy to repair

Key benefits of an Axalta thermoplastic coating

  • Certified for contact with drinking water in several countries (information upon request)
  • BPA free coating
  • Suitable for internal and external surfaces
  • Impermeable barrier, even in case of permanent immersion or condensation
  • Smooth low friction surface prevents biomass build up and ensures high flow rates
  • No curing process required, no primer required
  • Lightweight material reduces pipe handling and installation costs
  • High flexibility ensures that the coating will not chip, crack, flake or fracture
  • High reverse impact resistance
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Damaged coating is easy to repair
  • Proven solution for more than 20 years