Abcite® 1060 and X60

Ultradurable anti-corrosion powder coating

Abcite® 1060/X60 is a single layer, primer-free, high-strength adhesive thermoplastic powder coatings range which provides best in class and highly durable corrosion protection to steel and other metals in the most severe conditions.

Key features and benefits

  • Outstanding corrosion protection and best in class salt spray resistance:
  • Meets up to CX highly corrosive environments according to ISO12944-6/-9
  • Excellent resistance to alkaline and acid chemical attack
  • Impermeable barrier, even in case of permanent immersion or condensation
  • Performance unchanged by UV exposure and weathering
  • Tough and flexible for high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Coat interior and exterior in one step
  • No primer, self-adhering monofilm
  • Lower process temperature than nylon coatings
  • Excellent edge and corner coverage BPA, VOC and halogen free
  • Compliant with many food contact and potable water contact regulations

How long will Abcite® 1060/X60 last?

Abcite 1060 / X60 has been in use in demanding applications for more than 20 years, without any maintenance since first application. External laboratory tests conducted confirmed that a single Abcite layer, applied directly on grit-blasted steel, satisfies the most severe requirements of ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340 and achieves a durability level “High”. According to ISO 12944-6 this means an expected lifetime exceeding 15 years, even with a damaged coating, in corrosive environments C5M (marine conditions) and Im3 (buried in soil).

What applications can Abcite® 1060/X60 be used in?

Typical applications for Abcite 1060/X60 are:

  • Corrosion protection in highly corrosive marine, agricultural and industrial environments
  • Pipes, fittings, filters, flanges, valves and tanks in contact with water and waste liquids
  • Pumping stations, distribution systems, desalination plants, waste water treatment plants, etc

How is Abcite® 1060/X60 applied?

Abcite can be applied by:

  • electrostatic spray, this requires the grade Abcite X60
  • fluidised bed (dip), this requires the grade Abcite 1060
  • flock spray, this requires the grade Abcite X60

Which colours are available?

Our standard colours are:

  • White RAL 9010, RAL 9016, Ral 5012, RAL 6005, RAL 5017, RAL 7001, RAL 7016, RAL 9005, RAL 9006

Axalta can offer any bespoke colour to match your needs for customers prepared to place a minimum order of 800 kg.  

Abcite® 1060/X60 approvals

The following approvals are available upon request (depending on the colour requested):

- Drinking Water approvals according to:

  • NSF/ANSI 61 (USA)
  • KTW and DVGW (Germany)
  • WRAS (UK)
  • AS/NZS 4020 and 4158 (Australia and New Zealand)
  • ACS Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (France)
  • Belgaqua Hydrocheck (Belgium)

- EU and FDA food contact approvals for certain Abcite X60 and 1060 products (including fatty food)

Repair Kit - Thermoplastic coatings

Thermoplastic coatings are highly resistant to impact and abrasion. However accidental damaga cannot be excluded.

If these is any damage, our thermoplastic coatings can be repaired!