Marine & Offshore

Salt spray and impact-resistant thermoplastic coatings for marine environments

Coatings for parts and components used in offshore environments have to fulfil very stringent requirements. High humidity and saline air in combination with intensive UV radiation create a highly corrosive environment. At the same time the coating is exposed to extreme mechanical stress in the splash zone. Axalta provides unique solution with a primer-less coating which fulfils the highest corrosion requirements and can replace up to 6 layers of conventional protective coating – all in one!

Market requirements

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Superior resistance to cavitation and abrasion
  • UV resistance
  • Impermeable barrier even in permanent immersion or condensation
  • Excellent resistance to extreme climate conditions with high temperature variation
  • Durable adhesion to steel
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most kinds of water
  • Reduced bacterial growth and fouling
  • Easy to repair