Flamulit thermoplastic powders have been specifically developed for enhanced surface protection in corrosive environments and other demanding applications. They are primarily designed for application by fluidised bed dipping, although are also available for hot flocking application.

Key benefits

  • Good chemical resistance against most acids and alkalis
  • Good salt spray resistance
  • Good abrasion and impact resistance
  • Easy application with good coverage in edges, corners and difficult-to-access areas
  • Efficient and economic: no need for primer, high film thickness
  • Noise dampening effect
  • Repairable and recyclable
  • BPA, VOC and halogen free

Typical applications

  • Wirework encapsulation
  • External pipe coating
  • Battery boxes  and other acidic and alkaline corrosive environments
  • Fire extinguishers (internal lining)

Flamulit portfolio

Please contact us regarding product availability:

  • Flamulit 114, 144, 154 and 174
    Encapsulation and chemical protection of piping, wirework and other metal parts, available in a range of different viscosities to suit all metal types and part dimensions
  • Flamulit 214 and 222
    External coating for buried steel pipes
  • Flamulit 245
    Tough and chemically resistant coating, ideal for the protection of battery boxes against sulphuric acid at a working temperature of up to 80°C
  • Flamulit 254
    General purpose metal coating for chemical and corrosion protection
  • Flamulit 534
    Internal liner coating for water and foam filled fire extinguishers (meets EN 3)

Quality and Approvals

Battery boxes

  • Tested and approved for the protection of battery boxes by most OEM and lift truck producers

Fire extinguishers

  • Tested and approved according to EN-3 Standard for the internal lining of water and foam fire extinguishers

Pipe coating

  • Tested and approved according the DIN 30670, N for 3 layer sinter coating on steel pipes in combination with Nap-Gard primer
    More about Nap-Gard

Food compliance

  • EU regulation No. 10/2011
  • FDA CFR Title 21

For Axalta Polymer Powders operations and site approvals please refer to the Quality and Approvals section.