What Are Specialty Powders?

Depending on the market and segment, specialty powders offer many different properties and benefits.

The extensive range of applications includes masterbatch production, automotive, polymer processing alkaline battery production, construction, manufacturing of conveyor belts, textile industry, agrochemical formulations, paints, rapid tooling, sintering of metal & ceramics and many special applications.

The powders are based on many pure polymers including LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, EVA etc. and on bio polymers such as PLA. On customer’s request, compounds or blends are also possible.

The particle size of our specialty powders ranges from 12 µm to 800 µm.

How Do We Define Our Powders?

Axalta characterizes its offering by:

  • A base polymer with a specific property range [Melt Flow Index, Melting Point]
  • A particle distribution curve: with an average and maximum particle size specification
  • A control of outliers (excess ultra-fine particles or coarser beads) in the distribution

Axalta assures delivery consistency and product quality from batch to batch which allows our customers to optimize their production process.

What Does Our Powder Look Like?

Our particles are specifically engineered as non-spherical and consequently show a higher specific surface area which offers better cross-linking and homogenization when they are mixed with other ingredients.

The shape of the particle, combined with its size, are the key factors for a perfect result, making Axalta’s specialty powders so unique and successful.

Axalta's Specialty Powder Offering

Coathylene ultra-fine precipitated or milled thermoplastic powders

The principal range of Axalta for the global specialty additive market, Coathylene® includes ultra-fine and micro powders based on pure polymers for a wide variety of segments.

Explotracer explosive identification tagger

Explotracer® powder additives enable post-blast tracing to the manufacturer and lot number.