Sustainability, Quality and Approvals

Axalta fulfils legal and industry-specific requirements

Sustainability is central to Axalta’s business:

  • providing our customers with products which last longer
  • saving maintenance and repair costs
  • developing bio-based technologies for existing applications

All those efforts contribute to Axalta’s global goals regarding environmental, social and economic responsibility.


Certifications for Axalta Polymer Powders Operations

Quality is essential in everything we do. Adherence to common industry standards is only the first step in our commitment to quality. Our manufacturing operations follow additional quality production systems that establish quality goals and apply quality disciplines that, in many cases, far exceed those set by voluntary standards organizations.

Axalta Polymer Powders operations are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. 

  • IQNet certification
  • SQS certification
  • Environmental Policy (in French only)
  • ISO 14001 Certificate by Lloyd's register Quality insurance