Recent Achievements

Axalta Polymer Powders

  • August 2017 - Axalta acquires Plascoat Systems Limited

Established in 1952, Plascoat has pioneered the science behind the formulation, manufacturing, and application of thermoplastic polyolefin coatings. Plascoat’s industry-leading product portfolio includes Plascoat PPA 571, a flexible, tough and highly durable plastic coating used for a wide variety of outdoor applications, Talisman, a hard wearing, tough plastic coating used extensively in the dishwasher basket coating market, and Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua, a unique plastic coating for potable water pipes, in addition to many other high performing coatings designed to meet the highest industry standards.

  • 2016 - 20 years of expertise with Flamulit 245 for battery boxes

Why change a winning product? Axalta Polymer Powders is proud to rely on 20 years of experience and references in the battery box industry. Flamulit 245 is a unique thermoplastic coating for corrosion and chemical protection of the battery trays. Thanks to Flamulit 245, fork lift trucks have been driving safely for years.

  • September 2016 - Abcite® at the Hydreos organization's technical day

Axalta participates in the technical day on “Depots and Biofilms, Materials in Contact with Water ”, organized by Hydreos, Nancy, France. Abcite® - besides the ultimate corrosion protection - offers an impermeable barrier which consequently reduces bacterial growth and fouling. An Axalta solution which perfectly fits to the attendees’ expectations.

  • August 2016 - Abcite® gains certification in Australia and New Zealand

Abcite 1060 series receives the SAI Global license to AS/NZ 4158 for contact with potable water.

  • May 2016 - Gotalene RS 411 achieves COSMOS approval

The Gotalene RS 411 colorless family obtains COSMOS Certification, complying with all the stringent COSMOS requirements regarding toxicity, biodegradability and sustainable origin of the material. This represents a further milestone for Axalta’s bio-based offering, a sustainable and effective alternative to PE exfoliating micropowders.

  • April 2016 - Abcite® at the Paint Expo Exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany

With the focus on corrosion protection, Axalta Coating Systems presents its products and technologies at the 2016 Paint Expo held in Germany. Abcite® and Flamulit® completed the Axalta  global offering.

  • January 2016 - 2nd participation of Axalta at the exhibition “Corrosion Protection in the Marine Industry ” in Hamburg, Germany

Corrosion protection in the marine environment is a critical issue. Assets must withstand years of extreme climate exposure. Our Axalta experts took the opportunity to present the features and benefits of Abcite® for the marine industry to support their search for optimum solutions.