1959 - 1999

Plast Labor SA - DuPont

  • 1999 - Herberts Group is acquired by E.I. DuPont de Nemours.
  • 1995 - Abcite® obtains its first approval in the potable water industry

The first installation of Abcite® coated pipes, valves and fittings in a potable water production/distribution plant is completed. Today, these pipes look like as good as they did when installed in 1995.

  • 1995 - Polymer powders activities transferred to Herberts Powder Coatings Division
  • 1986 - Celanese acquired by Hoechst AG
  • 1974 - Acquisition by Celanese Corp (USA)
  • 1959 - Foundation as Plast Labor SA

After a summer holiday crossing the beautiful canton of Gruyères, the German engineer Mr Hut decides to build a manufacturing plant in Bulle, laying the first stone for decades of success.