PercoTop Primers and Fillers

PercoTop is supported by a full range of primers and fillers. We can advise you on which is the best for any paint job.

PercoTop 2K Chromate-free Wash Primer CS305

A 2K chromate-free acid-curing etch primer on a polyvinyl butyral resin basis developed to provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Its formulation ensures it promotes excellent adhesion even on difficult substrates such as stainless steel. We have designed this primer not only to meet current and future environmental legislation, but also to give users high process control. It provides good coverage and is easy to apply so you get the right film thickness.

PercoTop 2K Chromate-free Wash Primer CS306

This innovative chromate-free 2K Wash Primer complies with the latest 2019 REACh regulations. It provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on metallic substrates, especially on aluminum and stainless steel. It is an acid containing 2K adhesion promoter based on polyvinyl butyral resin.

PercoTop Welding Primer CS314

A 1K chromate-free red-brown welding primer based on polyvinylbutyral technology with good filling properties. For steel construction elements that require corrosion protection during storage, before assembly and welding.

PercoTop 1K Primer 010 CS31x

A 1K chromate-free primer based on polyvinylbutyral chemistry. A general-purpose primer that dries very quickly and provides excellent adhesion on most surfaces, from steel to aluminium as well as galvanised substrates. This primer is available in a range of different colours.

PercoTop 2K HS Primer 040 CS34x

A 2K low-emission, fast-drying polyurethane primer/filler that can be used as an adhesion primer, standard filler or high-build filler on steel, aluminium and galvanised substrates, but also on GRP substrates. This primer comes in many different colours.

PercoTop 2K VHS Power Primer 4000 CS371 / CS372

This 2K very low-emission, fast drying polyurethane primer/filler can be used as an adhesion primer, primer filler, sanding filler or high-build filler on an extensive number of substrates. It is particularly suited for shotblasted steel, as well as sanded steel and GRP substrates. This universal primer can be sanded and will contribute to an excellent final topcoat appearance.

PercoTop 2K HS Sanding Filler CS352

2K High solids filler based on polyurethane technology. This low VOC filler has excellent filling properties and sagging resistance and is very easy to apply. It is characterised by easy sanding and providing state-of-the-art appearance of PercoTop topcoats.

PercoTop 2K HS WOW Filler CS357 / CS358 / CS359

2K High solids polyurethane wet-on-wet filler. Good flow, easy application and excellent overspray absorption makes this low emission filler the perfect choice for applications on large surfaces.

PercoTop 2K Epoxy Primer CS381

A 2K chromate-free epoxy primer for the highest chemical resistance and optimal corrosion protection of metal substrates.

PercoTop 2K Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 053 CS382NG

This 2K chromate-free epoxy primer has been specifically developed to provide exceptional corrosion protection to shot-blasted steel surfaces. It is ideally suited to provide long-lasting protection in chemical environments. High film build capability and fast drying makes it easy to use even in difficult application conditions.

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