PercoTop Additives

Special additives are available to achieve different gloss levels and structures.

PercoTop Elastic Additive 2K CS210

An additive that works as a universal elastifier for all PercoTop 2K topcoats.

PercoTop Brush 'n' Roll Additive CS211

This additive makes it possible to use brush and roll application.

PercoTop Sikkativ 376 CS212

PercoTop KH dries faster with CS212.

PercoTop Anti Silicone Additive CS213

Silicones can cause surface defects during paint application. This additive helps to prevent these defects.

PercoTop Multitoning Additive CS214

This special additive is used for multitoning with PercoTop topcoats. It speeds up the drying time and makes it easier to tape in case of striping and lettering.

PercoTop Drying Accelerator CS215

This additive accelerates the drying of PercoTop 2K polyurethane topcoats.

PercoTop Texture Additives CS220 – CS221 – CS222 – CS223

PercoTop Texture Additive 200 CS220 is the most coarse texture additive and is used to create anti-slip coatings.

PercoTop Texture Additive 30 CS221 is mainly used for architectural applications to match the special appearance of certain matt powder coatings. It can also be used to give coatings higher surface hardness and abrasive resistance.

PercoTop Texture Additive 50 CS222 is added to PercoTop Topcoats to copy the appearance of the structured and structured metallic powder coatings that are often used on window frames and garage doors. The liquid coating will get a very smooth textured surface.

PercoTop Texture Additive 90 CS223 provides the more rough textured finish.

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