PercoTop 1K Topcoats

Find the right 1K topcoat for any application.

PercoTop KH

A 1K topcoat of oxidatively cross-linking alkyd resins with easy application, very fast drying and high opacity, providing a more economical alternative to the 2K PUR quality but with less resistance to weathering and chemicals.

PercoTop 1K Acrylic

A 1K solvent-based topcoat based on thermoplastic acrylic resins, providing a fast, high-quality solution for smooth decorative applications and specially developed to be filled into spray cans. It is the preferred solution for small repairs like scratches on powder-coated objects, such as window frames and doors, or for painting interior decorative objects. It is very fast drying and has a high elasticity.

PercoTop Basecoat

PercoTop Basecoat is a special industrial basecoat based on acrylic and polyester resins. It’s an easy-to-use add-on for PercoTop mix-machine users who like to design their own metallic and mica colours and who appreciate its fast drying and multi-toning possibilities. PercoTop Basecoat is not designed to compete with our other Refinish and industrial basecoats. That’s why we do not offer a full range of colours that would serve the needs of CV or bus customers.

PercoTop NKL

A 1K topcoat based on nitrocellulose that offers ease of application combined with quick drying times.

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