Electric Motor

Pioneering the future of electric motors, Axalta stands at the forefront with a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions. Embracing advanced Wire Enamels, Electrical Steel Coatings, Impregnating Resins, and Thermosetting Powder Coatings, our innovative technologies reshape the landscape of reliability, efficiency, and sustainability in the domain of electrification.


Electric Motor


Electric Motor

  Wire Core Steel Motor Housing
Wire Enamels

Voltatex® ECO Line



- - -
Electrical Steel Coatings -

Voltatex® 1250 series

Voltatex® 1175 series


- -
Impreganating Resins - -

 Voltatex® 4200 series


Thermosetting Powder Coatings - - -

Alesta® E

Alesta® AP

Alesta® SD