Abcite protective coatings for offshore structures
Abcite protective coatings for offshore structures

Alesta Decorative Powder Coatings

Alesta decorative powder coatings deliver superior edge coverage and optimum film build with no primer required. An environmentally acceptable choice, these powder coatings are free of solvents and virtually free of VOCs and HAPs. Even overspray can be reused, therefore reducing waste.  Alesta coatings are available for a wide variety of both interior and exterior uses and come in many different powder colors.

Alesta Architectural Powder Coatings

Alesta AR architectural coatings provide a high level of design freedom that makes it easy to match glass, plastic, wood or virtually any other building material.

Colors and textures are easily adjusted to suit individual aesthetic preferences without compromising essential functional properties such as weatherability or impact and abrasion resistance. Alesta AR powder coatings meet the rigorous requirements of AAMA* 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605.

Nap-Gard Functional Powder Coatings

Axalta Nap-Gard fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings are the innovator behind today’s pipe coating practices using epoxy coatings. Available in single, dual and multi-layer systems, Nap-Gard was developed to provide maximum corrosion protection of internal and external pipe for oil and gas pipelines. Nap-Gard also provides corrosion protection for valve products used in the most demanding environments, such as wastewater and saltwater.

Abcite Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Perfect for use in exterior applications, these coatings deliver superior durability and resistance to chipping, abrasions and chemicals. They require no primer, and provide excellent adhesion with just one-pass application. With zero VOCs, they are an environmentally friendly choice.

Axalta manufacturers both traditional and thermoplastic powder coatings for the architectural, custom coater, manufacturing and industrial powder coating markets learn more by visiting the link above.