Sustainability, Together

Industrial Coatings Worldwide

As a leading global supplier of liquid, electrocoat and powder coatings to a range of industrial sectors, Axalta's Industrials business is striving to become a force for positive change by driving the sustainability agenda throughout its value chain on its transition to net zero. The campaign, 'Sustainability, Together' seeks to inspire the global industrial paint and coatings sector amid increasingly higher ESG standards and expectations. This will empower others to work collaboratively towards shared goals with greater ímpetus and urgency than ever before.

“Our vision is to be the catalyst for innovative sustainable coating solutions that power our industrial customers’ success. As a world-leading paint and coatings solutions provider within the industrial space, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a business, underpinning the development of our portfolio of coatings solutions and the partnerships we build as a result.” 

“In order for us to truly make an impact, we must work to transmit our passion and expertise on sustainability issues, so that others can become part of the journey. By empowering our customers and partners to raise the bar, and celebrating their successes, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to drive meaningful change. Helping protect the planet while delivering exceptional product performance are not mutually exclusive, and we are committed to bringing this message to the value chain with real-life examples and insights from people at the forefront of the industry.”

Encouraging sustainable practices

Axalta encourages sustainable practices through a host of educational content, case studies, and expert articles, equipping others with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive and innovate. Axalta's overall ethos is people-centric, and its dedication to fostering an inclusive culture and diverse global workforce is critical to its efforts to make a positive impact on both industry and the communities in which it operates.