Drivus business services for bodyshops

Drivus gives bodyshops the tools they need to build better businesses. It’s a suite of innovative services, programmes and tailored expert consultancy focused on the particular challenges faced by refinishers. The result? Improved business productivity. Higher performance. And better profitability.



Drivus business services for bodyshops helps you

  •  Optimize processes

       Finetune every aspect of day to day operations and the entire repair journey

  • Improve efficiency

      Work faster, smarter and with less waste

  • Raise profitability

      More efficient working means higher throughput and better margins

  • Diversify capabilities

      Develop new customer offerings 

  • Sharpen competitiveness

      Beat the competition by working smarter

  • Plan for the future

      Advanced digital tools make bodyshops future-fit

  •  Find new customers

      Generate new business opportunities

  • Constantly improve

      Drivus experts offer business guidance for long term improvements

Essential services for the bodyshop of the future

Drivus will give bodyshops expert business tools and services, consultancy and training across a broad range of areas:

digital services
sales and management
netwok services



Today, the ever-growing portfolio of services includes

AIM – Advanced Inventory Management

A single, easy tool to manage every item of inventory 
Manage paint and non-paint inventory using a single cloud-based tool. With virtually automatic stock replenishment, it saves time, effort and money by streamlining the entire ordering and stocking process.

Paintshop Optimizer

Raise paintshop performance and profitability
Combines tailored consultancy from an Axalta expert and online analysis of KPIs. It gives bodyshops vital information on relevant aspects of paintshop operations so they can identify trends. It also provides detailed business plans to implement ongoing efficiency and profitability improvements.

Paintshop Cockpit

Track paintshop KPIs with a simple to use and easy to understand tool
Included with Paintshop Optimizer, Paintshop Cockpit is an advanced, cloud-based tool to improve paintshop profitability and performance by monitoring and finetuning bodyshop KPIs.


The innovative network management system connecting network owners and bodyshops
This easy to use, fully online and multilingual system helps networks select, assess and manage bodyshops efficiently. And it enables bodyshops to assess their own service offering and present themselves to multiple work providers. In addition it supports bodyshops to improve their quality, services and efficiency by meeting customer and network owner requirements.

Network Services

Axalta’s international network for the professional refinish
As a member of our network of professional body and paint damage specialists, bodyshops can look forward to increased exposure and the chance to build business relationships with new customers.





Drivus: future focused but rich with history

As part of Axalta, Drivus services are supported by more than 150 years’ experience in the vehicle repair business worldwide. Drivus’s future focused services and tailored consultancy are based on an unrivalled understanding of how to run a bodyshop business profitably.