Bodyshop Optimizer / Bodyshop Cockpit

Top Priority: Profitability

Review and fine-tune every single factor of business performance to generate more profit.  Bodyshop Cockpit gives you vital information about P&L and business aspects of your entire refinish business. In conjunction with our advanced Cloud Service – Bodyshop Cockpit – your bodyshop’s performance will be continuously analysed and optimisation recommendations will be made to increase profitability step-by-step over time.



Benefits & Key Features of Bodyshop Optimizer

every business variable


From sales and income to costs and expenses, from staff workload to bodyshop capacity, Bodyshop Cockpit – with the help of Drivus consultants and experts – identifies where efficiencies can be made.

improved profitability


With its recurring financial and business analysis, the consultancy service can contribute to improved profitability over time and deliver enhanced results across your entire refinish business.

personal consultancy


Get expert, face-to-face advice and regular video consultancy calls from Drivus experts. They will evaluate your current status with the help of Bodyshop Cockpit, a customised dashboard of essential KPIs Improvement action plans are defined together with our Drivus consultants.

Benefits & Key Features of Bodyshop Cockpit

costs down quality


Reduce annual running costs and enhance performance while improving your bodyshop’s quality of service – and so optimize customer acquisition/retention.

seamless integration


No need for manual data entering. Integrating your bodyshop management system seamlessly saves time and eliminates the potential of human error.

intuitive tools


The Bodyshop Cockpit presents complex information on an easy-to-understand dashboard. Its intuitive graphics and digital tools help you visualise your entire bodyshop’s performance against goals and benchmarks. 



  • 1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment
  • Training on using Bodyshop Cockpit
  • 2 x ½ day consultancy
  • 2x online KPI check call (annually)



  •  1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment
  • Training on Paintshop Cockpit
  • 2 x ½ day consultancy
  • Custom tailored action plan
  • 4x online KPI check call (annually)
  • 1-day F2F paintshop performance assessment (annually)

How it works

Bodyshop Optimizer is a consultancy service from the Axalta portfolio aimed at increasing the profitability of bodyshops. It helps in reviewing and fine-tuning every aspect of business performance in order to earn greater profit.

1. Following a brief assessment of your bodyshop, users will be trained on how to use Bodyshop Cockpit.

2. Potential areas of improvement will be identified based on gathered data and the outcomes of the financial analysis, with a specific emphasis on profitability.

3. In collaboration with the customer, the Axalta expert sets up action plans that are then incorporated into the overall “account plan”, specific to the bodyshop.

4. By constantly gathering data, together we will come to understand the performance and profitability parameters at play. Following that, we will agree on a follow-up programme to enhance those metrics.


how it works

Increase your profitability with Bodyshop Cockpit and Bodyshop Optimizer