CCI Devices

Corroless CCI Devices are delivery mechanisms for Corroless CCI Powder, a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI) for steel and other metals, providing up to 2 years protection. They have adhesive backing for fixing inside metal enclosures. The devices form a convenient way to provide VCI protection for enclosed items such as electrical junction boxes, navigation equipment, switchgear, fire and safety warning systems and computer equipment. The VCI vapour does not affect the electrical resistance or conductivity of metal components. It also does not affect rubbers, polymers, paints or plastics. The devices also assist in preventing dissimilar metal corrosion.

Key features

  • Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) devices
  • Used to protect electrical equipment
  • 30 year track record
  • Range of devices for variable spaces