Corroless Corrosion Inhibitors (CCI's) are a group of products based on anticorrosive volatile compounds, known as Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors (commonly called VCI's). Normal coatings provide anticorrosive protection mainly by forming a physical barrier - the paint layer. VCI's contain compounds that evaporate, or vapourise, to form an anticorrosive 'gas' in an air space, which helps prevent metal components from rusting. VCI's can therefore be used to protect metal areas that would be impossible to paint, either because they are inaccessible (internal pipework, inside a marine engine) or because painting would not be suitable (such as an electrical circuit board, an electrical supply box). CCI's are available as powder, or powder-containing 'devices', to protect dry spaces; as oils and greases for mechanical internals, ropes, winches; as temporary preservation coatings for metal items in storage; and as hydrotest additives (mainly for Offshore use) that can be discharged into the marine environment.

Corroless CCI Devices VCI Devices VCI Powder delivery devices for enclosed, dry spaces.
Corroless CCI Powder VCI Powder A Vapour Corrosion Inhibiting powder for difficult to reach areas.
Corroless CCI Fuel Additive VCI Fuel Additive Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor for fuel storage tanks.
Corroless CCI 250
VCI Hydrotest Additive Water borne VCI hydrotest additive for the offshore industry.
Corroless CCI 300M VCI Oil Additive A Vapour Corrosion Inhibiting additive for lubricating and hydraulic oils.
Corroless CCI 350 VCI Grease VCI Grease for chains, ropes, conveyors etc., up to 4 years protection.
Corroless CCI 350S Slushing Oil Fluid VCI An oil/wax blend VCI for metal ropes, box sections, winches etc.
Corroless CCI 355 VCI Lithium Grease Heavy duty VCI Grease for open gearing, bearings etc.
Corroless CCI 400 VCI Wax Coating VCI wax coating for voids, winches etc., also available in aerosols.
Corroless CCI 450
Clear VCI Lacquer Clear VCI lacquer for applications where the substrate must be visible.