Offshore Diving Equipment

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Offshore Diving Equipment



Marine and Offshore



Equipment returning from diving vessels had been allowed to corrode because of lack of care and maintenance. Customer required a maintenance programme providing corrosion protection internally and externally for stored equipment on its return from the field.

Surface Preparation

Units were pressure jetted to remove loose material and salt contamination and allowed to dry.


The hydraulic system was treated with CCI 300M. All electrical controls were treated with CCI V100 Tape. Exposed moving parts  were lubricated using CCI 350. All other external surfaces to be protected were sprayed with CCI 400.

Product (per coat)

DFT (per coat)


Corroless CCI 300M

to hydraulic system


Corroless CCI V100 tape

for electrical controls


Corroless CCI 350

exposed moving parts


Corroless CCI 400

sprayed on external surfaces



This treatment allowed the equipment to be safely stored and swiftly returned to service when required.