Alesta® powder coating brands serve a variety of industrial applications. Alesta AM is a proprietary powder performance coating that uses environmentally sustainable silver ions to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces. The Alesta Spotless AG and Alesta AG anti-graffiti coatings’ easy-to-clean properties protect surfaces in public and non-public places from the permanent effects of spray paint and marker graffiti.

Alesta Metallic and Colorsplash Special Effect coatings offer visual pop. Alesta powder coatings also are used to coat vehicle parts such as chassis, brackets, wheels, seat frames, exhaust and engine components, providing color, durability, heat and corrosion resistance.

Alesta coatings are designed to meet the stringent performance requirements of the major agriculture and construction equipment manufacturers, Alesta powder coatings offer superior corrosion protection while maintaining the vibrant aesthetics of the major OEM brands. Alesta powder coatings protect and beautify everything from crop harvesting machinery to bulldozers for construction sites.
The Global Color Collection from Alesta is designed to inspire architects and provide them the freedom to coordinate powder coated surfaces with the look and feel of a wide variety of building materials. Excellent weatherability, elasticity and abrasion resistance make Alesta powder coatings ideal for hand railings, fencing and residential aluminum extrusions. Their high color retention and environmentally responsible formulations, due to virtually no VOCs or targeted hazardous air pollutants, also meet AAMA, Qualicoat and GSB standards.

Alesta® Lync

Axalta is proud to introduce Alesta Lync, an innovative Dry-on-Dry (DOD) powder coating application system. The process is energy-efficient and has excellent edge corrosion protection. With its unique topcoat and primer combination, Alesta Lync is designed to provide two paint layers, but requires only one cure cycle. This results in a reduction of process time and capital investment and an increase in productivity. Use of this environmentally responsible product offers paint shops the additional benefit of minimal carbon output.

Alesta Lync has been engineered initially for ACE segment coaters, but is suitable for many other general industrial applications. Coaters using direct to metal systems today can get better edge coverage and corrosion resistance with Alesta Lync without having to add an additional oven to gel cure a primer.

Some coatings in the Alesta portfolio of products may not be available in all countries.