Free Mobile Color Matching App for Powder Coaters

The free tool allows users to scan any surface and easily match it to an Alesta® stock powder coating hue which increases productivity by eliminating the wait for a sample powder or color chip delivery. The app also gives users the option to request additional information such as product codes, chemistry details, or the opportunity to order color chips delivered directly to them.

Axalta Powder Coatings

  • Maintains one of the most extensive portfolios of powder technologies
  • Offers high quality thermosetting and thermoplastic products
  • Formulated and manufactured all over the world
  • Environmental friendly with virtually zero levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and targeted hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)

Thermoplastic Powder Coatings:

Plascoat® - The universal polyolefin product family and core offering

Abcite® - The specialty coating for demanding environments

Talisman - A unique technology for the appliance market

Wireguard - The alternative to PVC coating

Typical End Uses: Coastal, Offshore, and Extreme Industrial; Outdoor Furniture and Fencing; Appliance and Wirework; Water Infrastructure; Automotive and Transportation; Oil and Gas; Glass Coating; Fire Extinguishers; Battery Casings

Thermosetting Powder Coatings:

Alesta® - Decorative powder coatings for a wide variety of uses

Nap-Gard® - Fusion Bonded Epoxy functional powder coatings for pipelines

Typical End Uses: Architectural; General Industrial; Furniture and Lighting; Agricultural, Construction and Earth Moving Equipment; Transportation; Appliance; Pipe, Rebar, and Valve