Color Trends

Wood Vibes Collection

Axalta Wood Vibes is a series of collections that focus on home interior color trends and wood finishing trends. Our aspiration is to enliven every room - inspiring our clients through color and delivering the latest trends to the market.

Wood Vibes: Blossom

The new collection, Wood Vibes: Blossom, is inspired by flowers. Research has proven that flowers and plants have a positive impact on our well-being.

Flowers are a natural moderator of mood and have strong positive effects on emotional health. You can use certain hues of flowers to invite good vibes that will color the mood of your home.

In this season’s report, the refreshing collection of colors span from pastel tonalities like muted blue, green, and soft shades of lavender, to bold tonalities like earth brown, dark gray, and black.

There are also a few key neutrals including light grays, whites, and warm beiges that bring a sense of peace to any home.