Axalta’s industrial wood coatings are a variety of technologies including varnishes, glazes, stains and lacquers that enhance and protect wood and alternative wood substrates. Ideal for various applications such as cabinets, tables, office furniture, exterior siding, doors and floors, our wood coatings provide durability and rich color. Available in ultra-low VOC and HAPs-free, formaldehyde-free and isocyanate-free formulations, Axalta Industrial Wood products minimize hazards to workers, consumers and the environment.

Axalta’s wood coatings serve diverse markets and customers such as OEMs, applicators, and distributors in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Wood Vibes

Wood Vibes Collection

Axalta Wood Vibes is a series of collections that focus on home interior color trends, including wood finishing trends. Axalta’s goal is to enliven every room - inspiring clients through color and delivering the latest trends to the market.

The new collection, Wood Vibes: Moda, is inspired by runway fashion. “Moda” is the Italian word for fashion, and the fashion world continues to have a significant influence on home design, from predicting color trends to showcasing the most attractive fabrics and textures. Many of the trends that make an impact in the fashion industry will influence interior designers.

In this season’s report, the welcoming collection of colors span from pastel tonalities like muted green, light pink, and soft shades of lavender, to bold tonalities like deep blue, earth red, and mustard yellow. There are also a few key neutrals including grays, mushroom tones, and warm beiges that bring a unique look to your home.

Wood Vibes: Moda also highlights the wood finishing trends for 2020. Raw and authentic textures are the main focus and bring out natural and light woodtones. Muted black tones will continue to emerge. These shades offer soft wear throughout, adding dimension and substance when used on wirebrushed wood.



Axalta’s new building products prefinish program

Unrivaled is designed to deliver coating system solutions for factory finish application. The program consists of Axalta's superior technology products, engineered to provide exceptional aesthetics, quality, and performance.

Axalta’s advanced science, application expertise, and equipment know-how deliver complete support for prefinishers with more sophisticated operations. It’s designed to perform on a variety of exterior siding substrates.

Unrivaled leverages our long history supplying market leading siding manufacturers. Axalta looks forward to bringing our application and color expertise to prefinishers to help them drive impactful results, whether that is helping introduce new colors, optimizing paint usage, or improving quality.