Images are worth more than a thousand words.

When choosing a system to safeguard your components and structures against corrosion hazards optimally, you want to see the products in action. And that’s why our website features a library of technical videos.

Axalta gives you the opportunity to watch our powder coating products undergo various lab tests. That provides you with the visual proof you need to choose a product you know will stand the test of time and radiate a professional aesthetic.

And if your project requires a specific test, you can see right away which powder is right for you.

Abrasion test

The rotary abrasion test is the measure of aggregate toughness and abrasion resistance such as crushing, degradation and disintegration. Abrasion resistance refers to a coating's ability to resist wear due to mechanical impact or erosion, allowing for the system to continue to provide comprehensive protection to the substrate.

According to ISO 5470 standard.

Adhesion test

Adhesion testing quantifies the strength of the bond between the substrate and coating, between different layers of coating or between the cohesive strength of some substrates.

According to ISO 4624 standard.

Clemen test

The Clemen test checks the ability of a coating to resist an impression by applying an increasing load via a needle on the surface of the coating.

According to ISO 4586 standard.

Cross-cut test

This mechanical test is a quick and effective method of examining the strength and adhesion of your coating.

According to ISO 2409 standard.

Flexibility test

Elasticity is the ability of the coating to resist mechanical stresses without cracking or losing adhesion when it is bent or stretched during manufacture, installation and usage.

According to ISO 1519 standard.

Impact test

The impact test deforms a sample panel in order to test the behaviour of the powder coating.

Rapid deformation test (impact resistance) according to ISO 6272-1 standard.

Natural salt spray test

This test simulates long exposure of a coating in a corrosive environment. The coating parts are placed in a test chamber in which a salt solution is vaporised at a certain temperature. The test can be carried out continuously over one thousand hours.

According to ISO 9227 standard.

Scratch test

The scratch test checks the adhesive and cohesive strengths of coatings. It simulates the kinds of stresses that a coating will undergo in everyday use.

According to ISO 20502 standard.

Slow deformation test

Testing the resistance of powder coatings at various stages of deformation.

According to ISO 1520 standard.

Repair Kit TP Coatings

Thermoplastic coatings are highly resistant to impact and abrasion. However accidental damage cannot be excluded.

If there is any damage, our thermoplastic coatings can be repaired.